153 Relax and Succeed - The trouble is you think

Look at your life. Divide it up like an accountant might; into sections. Work, chores, other responsibilities. Maybe child-rearing, or volunteering. Eating, drinking, sleeping, bodily functions, showers. Driving in cars, waiting in lines. How much time is in there for you? For just you? Reading, daydreaming, masturbating, playing an instrument, time with your dog… how much of your life are you actually investing in your own joy of living?

Ze Frank, the conceptual artist, provides you with a clever means of understanding your time on this planet. Check out this short video, and stay cognizant of the brevity of your life. You will value it more if you remember it’s temporary. Wake up. Life is short. Live bravely.


There’s some more food for thought….

peace. s

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