How Strong Do You Think You Are? 2

Hello Everyone.

It’s Canada Day here at home, so I’m re-blogging a popular past posting, How Strong Do You Think You Are? It’s a personal favourite of mine that’s short but very sweet. The nature of my work here means that anyone should be able to re-read a blog and still find new content because of the growth they’ve done since first reading it. So remember, your identity always comes from who you believe you are. So always believe in your own inner strength and you will find it much easier to practice being calm, patient, compassionate and powerful. Now go create a great day for yourself!

peace. s

Relax and Succeed

What others think of you is truly meaningless in your life. Don’t choose to repeat to yourself the negative, blaming, guilty, enervating thoughts you heard in school, or from a parent or anyone else. Those are merely the sounds of a person who doesn’t know how to be happy and they’re innocently blaming you. What they think is their issue. What you think is your reality.

You will manifest what you believe. Harbouring negative, judgmental thoughts about yourself or others is like poisoning yourself. And that makes no sense when you’re capable of exactly the opposite.

39 Relax and Succeed - How others see you is not importantIn 1970, Soviet weightlifter Vasily Alexeyev became the first person to lift 500lbs. Many had tried the feat before him and failed. Alexeyev himself had failed at it several times in training.

The story goes that his coach came to him one morning with a plan; the World Championships were getting too close. They…

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