39 Relax and Succeed - How others see you is not important

What others think of us is often meaningless. We should surrender any compulsion we have to repeat to ourselves any negative, blaming, guilty or enervating thoughts we heard in school, at work, or from a family member or friend –or from or anyone else for that matter.

The only opinions we should be pausing to consider are those from those we respect most. The rest are just complaints¬†from people who don’t know how to be happy and so they’re innocently blaming us. But what they think of us is their issue. What we think of ourselves is our ego’s reality.

We will manifest what we believe. Harbouring negative judgmental thoughts about ourselves, or others, is like poisoning ourselves. And that makes no sense when we’re capable of exactly the opposite.

In 1970 Soviet weightlifter Vasily Alexeyev became the first person to lift 500lbs in the clean and jerk competition. Many had tried the feat before him and failed. Alexeyev himself had failed at it several times in training but had gotten ever-so-close.

But leading up to the World Championships, Vasily had a plan. He knew the difference would be in his mind. Vasily would will himself to do it.

39 Relax and Succeed - Strength does not come from physical capacity

He would go on to the Montreal Olympics where he set a new world record at 255kg (562lbs) in the Clean and Jerk. And he’d done it all by simply believing he could. We have all heard stories about people in emergencies that find sources of strength that they did not know they had. It’s an idea that a part of us intuitively knows is true. It’s not supernatural, but we do have another level.

If a dedicated, eight time World Champion can lift a weight he’s tried to lift many times before, just by believing he can, what might we¬†do? What sort of limiting thoughts do we play through the reality of our minds? And what would our life look like if we quieted those judgmental, critical, negative thoughts? What would happen to our Being? Who would we become?

If we stop thinking limiting thoughts then the same thing that happened to Vasily will happen to us. We will be stronger.

Let’s use our thoughts wisely today.

peace. s

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    Hello Everyone.
    It’s Canada Day here at home, so I’m re-blogging a popular past posting, How Strong Do You Think You Are? It’s a personal favourite of mine that’s short but very sweet. The nature of my work here means that anyone should be able to re-read a blog and still find new content because of the growth they’ve done since first reading it. So remember, your identity always comes from who you believe you are. So always believe in your own inner strength and you will find it much easier to practice being calm, patient, compassionate and powerful. Now go create a great day for yourself!
    peace. s

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