I’ve said it again and again and again. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to enact change in your life. But people are so asleep—they’re so mesmerized by their conditioning—that they can comprehend that what I’m suggesting makes sense, but before they break through they won’t fully commit to actually doing it. It’s just so much easier to follow old patterns….

562 Relax and Succeed - I want happinessYou mind moves in two directions. It can rise by appreciating other aspects of creation, or it can fall due to wants being expressed. Wants imply that the current moment is unsatisfying. And if the current moment is unsatisfying then we know we’re in ego. Because spirit is always willing to be wherever it is. It never wants to be somewhere else, even when things get ugly. It’s all just one big flow that is either going toward want or toward appreciation and the former feels unpleasant and the latter is where you find the feelings people associate with success.

A little bit of want will present as irritation. Once you’ve practiced enough even this small indicator will lead you to check in with your thoughts and if they’re useless ruminations (of which 99.9% are) then you consciously shift to thinking about something that will dose you with more enjoyable chemistry.

If you don’t do that, you might find yourself experiencing even more want, and you’ll get frustrated. This is like more of the same. Stronger, longer heavier doses. Again, if you do not choose higher frequency thoughts you will have lower frequency experiences. After frustration comes anger and after that depression. Each step, your spirit signals you strongly that you’re employing your consciousness unconsciously. You are unconsciously choosing to suffer. And that’s still your right if that’s what you want to do when you’re conscious. But others may not find that type of selfishness to be appealing. Not when happiness is only one thought away.

562 Relax and Succeed - Focus on the goodEvery day we choose whether our day was good or bad, and yet our personal mind turns it into our day by focusing only on what happened to it. But of course it’s choosing in every moment between billions of experiences. Your ego can pay attention to the guy in the subway chewing with his mouth open in that way that drives you crazy, or it can pay attention to an ad for a product that offends your moral sensibility, or you can think about how you missed your train and now your boss is going to tell at you. OR, you can think about any moment in your past or even speculatively in your future. And thosedays could range from horrible to fantastic. That’s the range of your choices: terrible all the way to amazing. All the time you have that available to you but your ego doesn’t let you see the choices because it’s blinding you with its narrative.

Instead of focusing on the choices available, an ego tells itself a story about what’s going on. So it cherry-picks out of those billions of choices and then like when you dream at night, you build a story from the choices. That story is what you call your life when in reality it was just the consciousness that you perceive as yours traveled through experiences that felt like that. The rest is just the story you tell yourself and as most adoptees discover, it is a changeable story. What your life is is only what you think it is. Change your beliefs about you and your life and the experiences of your life will absolutely change.

You are always only one thought away from a better state of mind. Simply become aware of wanting vs appreciating. And then use your emotions to know when you’re in a wanting state and move out of it using appreciation as quickly as possible and don’t chastise yourself when you can’t or won’t. Making that simple move from want to appreciation is a large portion of the secret of living a good life. So since it’s so easy you can start right away. Now go create yourself a great day by making great choices about whether you use your consciousness to want or appreciate. Thank your your time.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is a writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and nonprofit organizations around the world.

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