1443 Relax and Succeed - History only repeats because

Need to know why people won’t follow the health recommendations? Here’s a clear explanation in under seven minutes.

Many people are going from frustrated to angry about people who refuse to respect social distancing recommendations. In under seven minutes, this video explains a) why that’s happening, and b) how we can succeed in convincing people to cooperate. Because all they really need, is to know how much like us they really are.

The channel’s just starting, so if you found this valuable, please consider subscribing to share either it, or this blog. If enough people understand this, then they’ll be less angry and stressed, and the crisis will end sooner because more people will start doing the things that need to be done to create greater cooperation.

In the meantime, there’s a reason the Buddhists recommend ‘acceptance.’

I was lucky. I got this one on the first take.

Listen to people. Take their concerns seriously. Respond in ways that help them see that they should prioritize this public health issue over whatever activity is generating the risk. Because if we do a good job of explaining this subject, then people will do the right thing without us needing to force them. Once they understand it’s who they’ll want to be.

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1443 Relax and Succeed - Why History Repeats

Stay healthy everyone.

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