This isn’t just any morning. This is this morning. Amazingly, you will only live this┬ámorning this one time. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Eternity is an ocean. But currents within it flow like rivers.

Meditate on that for a moment. There is a day we meet the people we love. There are days in which we’ve experienced surprisingly wonderful events. In many cases, we do not know which days these will be, which is why all of them deserve our full attention.

Each morning, before we start filling our heads with all of the thoughts we each often think in the mornings, (even though they don’t change anything), why not come alive instead? This is what the writer and Priest Anthony De Mello meant when he said “Wake up!”

You will only get older from here. Your body is younger than it will ever be again. Your children will never look like this again. You will not always live where you are now. These times will change.

Wake up. Pay attention. Life should not be a blind subscription of thoughts. Every day can be new. But for them to feel fresh and new and full of potential, our days will need our conscious and active participation.

Are you ready to be conscious? To be more awake for your daily decisions? Then let’s make a week of it. Together.

peace s

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