There are many unique feelings that we often don’t account for. We know they exist as verbs –as actions and results in our lives. But we often don’t stop to define or map these things out. One of those feelings is ‘connection.’

The world is wonderfully composed of many very different things. But all of us feel an inexplicable naturalness in certain places, or doing certain things, or being with certain people.

Maybe the first time we visited Sydney Australia we knew we were destined to live there. Maybe we went into accounting class and it was like everything we studied felt super easy to us. Or maybe when we feel a certain way or ways, there are specific people we want to connect to.

We’ll often say that people ‘get us.’ I have several friends who are all raising kids between 1 and 7. I like talking to them because they ‘get’ what it’s like to look after two people with dementia. It’s like a mind meld based on similar, empathy-building experiences.

This effect can also work in reverse. Some people find they ‘get’ punk thrash music and they use it to relax. And some people feel comfortable with people almost polar opposite to them. The point is that both people feel it. And we feel it with things we do, and places we are.

Today’s meditation replaces the moments where we used to self-talk, with an active full-minded search of our memories for notable examples of a minimum of one example of three different types of strong connections.

We want to find at least one place we’ve always felt a strong connection to; an activity that came naturally and that we’ve always enjoyed and; the individuals who we connect with most strongly.

Sometimes people lose these connections just to the realities of normal living. And we feel that loss. So while we still do have these places, and activities and people in our lives, let’s take a few moments to remind ourselves to be actively grateful for these meaningful connections. Focusing on those meaningful moments really does make any life richer.

We all know our meditation duty today. So here’s to each of us making the best of the moments in front of us. After all, that is the main reason good days happen.

I’ll see you here again tomorrow.

peace. s

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