Good morning! Hopefully most of us remembered to do our morning intention as we awoke. If not, we can assert that intention now. Every day will be filled with things to notice. Some pleasant, some not.

Some we must look at. Most is voluntary. The morning intentions are us telling ourselves what we will target during the voluntary periods. This is, in essence, us telling ourselves how we will ‘be,’ as a verb; as an action in the world.

During the verb that is our day, let us scan our realities –real and virtual– for these hopeful signs:

  1. Let’s find as many signs as we can, both tangible and intangible, of human beings expressing care for one another.

    Maybe we notice a food bank we drive by. Or we hear a fundraising drive on the radio. Or one person let’s another into traffic. Maybe some grandparents babysit for their kids. Maybe you buy a coffee for the car behind you in the drive through. Or maybe some family donated a huge amount of money for a hospital wing to care for people. Or someone installed a wheelchair ramp.

  2. Find as many signs as you can, of human beings designing something helpful to society.

    Maybe it’s the button that opens the doors for people in wheelchairs. Maybe it’s an escalator that allows older people to shop. Maybe it’s a can opener with fat easy-to-use handles.

    Each of these things required the designers to empathize with, and compassionately look at, the lives of everyday people, and then to design products to meet their unspoken needs. It’s trying to make people’s lives better. It’s a great sign of how good humans are.

  3. Find as many signs as you can, of art or design work that was created at least in part to elevate our feelings.

    Maybe someone painted a parkade wall with a mural. Even if we don’t like the art piece personally, we can be glad that it’s there for others to enjoy, just as we enjoy pieces that others may not see value in.

    Maybe it’s a dress covered in smiling faces that incites happiness when people see it. Maybe it’s a pen you use that is shaped perfectly and that you’ve always valued.

    Sometimes the value people have in this world is transmitted through what they make. Let’s search for that value if only because, if our minds are occupied doing that, then they have no time or energy left to create a suffering ego.

The world is what we make of it. When times are tough, our vision must be sharper. We’re like Eagles hunting during a famine. Even though we might be fatigued, we must remember that the way out is found through controlling our own focus. It will be what helps us find what we need to survive and to thrive.

peace. s